Saludos! (Greetings!)

Our mission is to serve you delicious, fresh food, inspired by our Latino heritage, in a welcoming, family friendly setting. It’s the kind of food we love to eat with the high level of service we expect. (The way it should be.)

After graduating from culinary school, Jesse worked in a number of Baltimore restaurants, working his way up to Executive Chef. He is passionate about food and good flavors and can’t wait to share his food with you. By his side is his wife, Jayleen, with her good wits and corporate background has brought the vision to life.

As a local and family owned business, JesseJay’s is able to incorporate other personal values into the business model. These include caring for our community and planet. We will source locally supporting local farmers and small businesses like our own, recycle, compost, practice water conservation and even grow some of our herbs and vegetables on site.
Take a walk around our gardens and learn more about what we’re doing.
Welcome to JesseJay’s and thank you for being the best part of it.

¡Salud! (Cheers!)