Governor Hogan's 11th annual Buy Local Cookout

On July 19th, 2018 JesseJay's attended the 11th Annual Buy Local Cookout hosted by Governor Hogan and his wife. The event was the biggest ever and a great success. We met so many great people: farmers, restaurateurs, a 2 Star General and Mrs. Hogan herself. 

Jesse cooked local pork raised on a farm about 5 miles from our home in Anne Arundel County. He featured the slow-braised pork shoulder, in tacos topped with AMAZING mole sauce using his grandmother's recipe, straight from Oaxaca, Mexico.

The mole sauce was the hit. We had people coming out of their way to say how delicious is way, some saying it was the best they have ever had. I'm not lying when I say that I caught someone licking the mole off their plate. A chef that has worked for the governor's house for 33 years is set to retire this year. He came back just to serve himself a spoonful of the mole. He joked (I think) that he will be applying for a job with us, so he can learn the mole recipe. What a great compliment and what a great day it was!

We can't wait to keep serving people delicious food. Thanks to our family that helped today - you fill in our gaps and you rock!!

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Jayleen Fonseca
Hoping to open Winter 2018

Well everyone told us we'd be delayed and I thought we'd be able to defeat the odds, because that's how determined and hard-working we are, we will show everyone! Boy have I ever been so wrong! Yet, we are still here, working and planning to open this dream of ours. There are still several hoops to jump through, so there is no definitive date yet, but we will keep you posted! Thanks for checking in on us. :)

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